Join the Treasure Hunt

robyn austinIndiana
Jones makes it look so easy. With his fedora firmly placed on his head
and his trusty whip securely fastened to his hip, he can handle any
challenge (we call them adventures) thrown his way during his treasure

As antique buyers, sellers and collectors, we likely aren’t as cocky as
this famed fictional character, but are we at least a bit confident in our
abilities? Our judgment? Our preparedness for the “adventures”?

Judging by the overwhelming interest in the first of our Consumer
Education pieces published in Antique Trader last week, there are a lot
of people on a treasure hunt, a quest really, for knowledge.

You’ve heard the expression “a need-to-know basis.” Well you, dear readers, are on a need-to-know basis. The question is, what do you need to know? What would you like to learn?
We are committed to continuing our Consumer Education series with
helpful tips from our partners and experts in the industry and, often
times, other readers like yourself.

Just like Indy wouldn’t leave the house without his hat and weapon, you
shouldn’t go on your next treasure hunt without some information to
help you buy, sell or collect.

Is there a particular topic you’d like covered in the future? Drop me an e-mail at or a note in the mail (700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990). Or you can post a reply here on the Antique Trader blog.

royal doulton british airways porcelain butter pat But
wait, there’s more! We also plan to make this a little fun for you,
too. We have just launched the Antique Trader Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes!

We’ve finally got it! An ongoing sweepstakes that will feature a new
prize each month – something to add to your collection (or start a new
one) or something to add to your knowledge base (books are excellent

The premier prize of the first Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes will be the
Royal Doulton British Airways butter pats that you’ve seen in the Antique Trader TV “Introduction to Butter Pats” video that were generously donated by the Butter Pat Patter Association.

antique trader treasure hunt sweepstakes Entering the sweepstakes is easy: Just visit and fill out the sweepstakes entry form. Visit often because you can enter once each day!

Are you ready to start your Treasure Hunt? Hop aboard. Much adventure awaits!