Kamehameha quilt on Antiques Roadshow

I caught part of The Antiques Roadshow tonight on PBS. I almost didn’t watch because I found myself unable to get excited about antiques in Hawaii. Much to my chagrin, I just didn’t associate antiques with Hawaii.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I know; many of you would tell me that I shouldn’t be surprised. Just because the show was taped in a tropical paradise, doesn’t mean the quality and/or rarity of the items on the show would be any less than another location.

Believe me – I’m over it. And I’m glad I watched.

I was absolutely blown away by the early 20th century Kamehameha coat of arms quilt. It was absolutely beautiful. The color and craftsmanship was second to none. And it was in absolutely immaculate condition too, as it had been properly stored – rolled, not folded.

Did any of you see the show tonight? Were you as impressed by the quilt as I was?

– Posted by Karen

Oh, by the way, if you missed it … the quilt was valued at $25,000.