Listen to Justin Moen talk totally rad 1980s toys on Harry Rinker’s ‘Whatcha Got?’

Justin_Moen.jpgOur good friend and collectibles book editor Justin Moen, who just
happens to write the “Talking Toys” column for Antique Trader,
was interviewed by Harry Rinker on his April 25 Whatcha Got? radio show for Genesis Communications.

Justin talks about the process of putting
together his flag ship title, Toys & Prices 2010, 17th Edition. This
year he added a theme for each chapter
but specifically focused on 1980s toys. He also reviews the grading process he uses to determine a toy’s condition for pricing.

The whole radio show is great but if you want to catch Justin’s intro, scroll to 30:20, or
move the dial a bit more than halfway through the show. An archive of Rinker’s shows can be found here. A listing of Moen’s books still in print can be found here. He may be reached at

-posted by Eric Bradley


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