Long-forgotten history in the walls recovered

The Oct. 6 Antique Trader cover story shows how a chance encounter with the right antique or collectible can change a person’s life. at1006cover.jpgTake the case of 20-something Andrea McFaul. While renovating her Wisconsin farm house, one she loved since childhood, McFaul discovered a trove of items stashed in the walls by previous owners. The family who hid them knew they would be discovered only be someone who loved their house as much as they did.

In a way, it’s as though the original owners were sending a message to the future … especially to McFaul.

This story made for great water cooler conversation around the office when it was planned way back in May.

I’m sure readers would love to hear your stories about found objects, destined discoveries or buried treasure. Feel free to send them in and we’ll publish them in a future issue.

Second Annual Favorite Finds contest

Although the cover date on this week’s issue says Oct. 6, it will reach many subscribers early enough for them to submit an entry for the second annual Antique Trader Favorite Find contest.

Entries may be submitted to Antique Trader Favorite Finds, 700 E. State St., Iola, Wis 54990-0001 or atnews@fwmedia.com or eric.bradley@fwmedia.com. I am really excited about this year’s contest entries and can hardly way to get them in print. The special issue will make for a wonderful keepsake for all those who took the time. We will also announce the winner at that time. All entries must be submitted by Sept. 30. ■

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