Magic Carpets from The Himalayas

NEW YORK CITY – An exhibition of Buddhist meditation carpets from a private Swiss collection will be presented by London dealer Rossi & Rossi at the Neuhoff Gallery, Fuller Building, 41 East 57th Street, from Monday, March 17 to Tuesday, March 25.

Magic Carpets from the Himalayas will be comprised of 15 tantric carpets from Tibet, China and Mongolia dating from the late 18th and 19th centuries.

These extraordinary carpets were commissioned for revered Buddhist sanctuaries. Their unusual imagery of skinned humans, bound demons, skulls and severed heads derives from the cremation grounds of north India where yogis practiced meditation. The exhibition coincides with New York’s Asia Week, other dealer exhibitions and the International Asian Art Fair.tibetan 4 1-23.jpg

Canopy, Bhutan, felt with silk fringe,
165 cm x 168 cm.

The various carpets were seats of power during meditation or important ceremonies, and served as platforms for special ritual implements. They established the sacrificial ground for esoteric rituals of invocation and exorcism and were symbolic offerings to the protective deities. Some indeed may have been used as effigies in ritual performances.

Magic Carpets from the Himalayas will be accompanied by a scholarly catalogue written by Dr Jane Casey, an art historian specializing in Tibetan art.

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