McCoy art pottery keeps Cabin Fever at bay

Every so often a line from Pixar’s Ratatouille pops in my head: “The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations … the new needs

So whenever a new shop opens up I try to be the first in line. Such was the case with a local shop that specializes in Art Deco and Mid Century Modern antiques and vintage furniture. It’s a nice little shop tucked inside a two-story, brick building nestled in an aging downtown. Inside is a great assortment of consigned items and those resold by the shop owners.

On the first floor one can find Danish modern furniture and teak candlesticks, handsomely matched with Atomic 50s lamps and snack trays that are too cool for a thrift store but too new for an antiques shop.

I took my time and made sure to visit thNelson_McCoy_deco_vases.JPGe basement. There on a shelf were two sleek green spheres peeking out from underneath shocks of dusty, dried eucalyptus stems poorly paired with clumps of burgandy silk flowers.

A closer look showed the bent stalks were crammed into a piece of florists foam that had been glued to the
bottom of a nice pair of Nelson McCoy Art Deco vases from the 1940s. A quick rub of the thumb revealed their shiny glaze and the famous NM mark on the bottom.

The price sticker on the side said the pair were marked 75 percent off – about $5. The vases have a new home on our bookshelf – minus the eucalyptus.

Take some time to explore someplace new this weekend. We’d love to hear what you discovered.