McCoy publication ends 13-year run

NMXpress, the McCoy pottery lovers’  newsletter, is ending after 13 years of publication. The last issue has been mailed.

The popular newsletter, subtitled “For, By, And About McCoy Lovers Everywhere,” was written and published by husband-and-wife team Carol Seman and Dan Eggert. The typical issue was 12 black and white pages, with occasional color. The final issue was 28 pages, all in color. The cover story, “Our Swan Song,” prepared the readers for what was to come. Inside was an issue drenched in what the readers would need in double-dose–McCoy–for the last time.

“All good things must come to an end,” said Seman, who researched and wrote the articles in NMXpress. Eggert was principally responsible for photography.

Seman said a number of factors contributed to the newsletter’s end. “The subscription list has shrunk. Fewer subscribers contribute stories these days. The Internet and eBay have diminished the collector’s need for a hard copy newsletter. And the economy has caused people to reduce unnecessary spending. Our lives have changed too. We’ve moved into a new home at the lake. It’s time for us to work less and fish more.”

Seman and Eggert are retaining the McCoy Lovers Web site,, and plan to use it as a means of keeping in touch with fellow collectors.

“In the 16 years that my wife, Barbara, and I have been collecting pottery we have met some wonderful, passionate pottery collectors that we feel honored to call our friends,” said Arnie Small, president of the American Art Pottery Association and Trustee of Pottery Lovers. “Carol Seman and Dan Eggert are two of those people. Their love of McCoy and their hard work on NMXpress have done so much for pottery collecting. We’ll miss their newsletter.”

“This is a real loss to the McCoy community,” agreed Nelson McCoy, president of McCoy Pottery from to 1954 to 1981. “For the last 13 years Carol and Dan have played a vital part in promoting the cause of collecting McCoy. They always did a great job of finding out about interesting pieces of pottery, and their words flowed in such a wonderful fashion. I’m very sorry to see the newsletter end.”


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