Minnesota antique mall hit for $150,000 in jewelry

STILLWATER, Minn. — Brazen thieves made off with about $150,000 worth of jewelry in an early morning theft May 30 at Midtown Antique Mall here. Police have a lead but no suspects at this time and are asking the public for help.

Brothers Steve and Chuck Mozey of Minneapolis have been dealers at Midtown since 1996, doing business as Park Avenue Antiques. “They entered through the front, took the lock right out of the door,” said Steve when reached by Antique Trader just a few hours after the crime. “They went straight for our cases, right across from the cash register, taking gold and platinum rings, pins and bracelets with diamonds and other precious stones.”

Mozey added that the thieves took care not to shatter glass, carefully prying open doors, and knocking one lock cleanly off the case. The whole theft probably took a matter of seconds, he said.

Stillwater police responded to the 6:10 a.m. alarm and were on the scene within 45 seconds, Mozey added. Investigating Sergeant Jeff Magler told Antique Trader that one tip has already been generated because of fliers posted in this town of about 17,000.

“The folks at the antique mall made up some lime-green fliers,” Magler said. “As a result of this, we got a tip about a suspect vehicle in the area at the time.”

Anyone with information on the theft, or who encounters a suspicious hoard of fine jewelry for sale, should contact the Stillwater Police Department at (651) 351-4905, or Midtown Antique Mall, 301 Main St S., Stillwater, MN 55082-5125, (651) 430-0808.