Must see: CBS’s Harry Smith gets a kick out of Antiques Roadshow appraisal

If you’re looking for a funny way to round out your Friday afternoon, take a look at this. It’s Antiques Roadshow Producer Marsha Bemko appraising some items owned by the staff of CBS’s The Early Show. [Full Disclosure: Bemko got help with the appraisals from her expert friends from the show, but she delivers the appraisals like a pro!]
The Early Show’s Harry Smith takes a risk when he brings his own framed flag from the 71st New York Volunteer Infantry in for an appraisal. Smith and his wife collect American flags. “I must confess, the longer I’ve had it the more I think it’s fake,”
Smith said before Bemko explains its value.

Bemko consulted with famed Americana expert and auctioneer Wes Cowan, at 4 a.m. no less, who said the 1880s flag is not only authentic, but valuable. Cowan advised the flag is worth $5,000 to $10,000.

The news tickled Smith to no end. Click here to see his great reaction and watch as Bemko helps appraise a few more items from the staff. Fun stuff!

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-posted by Eric Bradley