New Hope for IBM’s Building 25?

I linked to the San Jose Mercury News yesterday about the suspicious fire that burned IBM’s famous Building 25 in Silicon Valley. Here’s an update.

Despite the looming infringement of a Lowe’s Big Box being built next door, or on the site itself – depending on which side you listen to – preservationists and IBM are saying they are going to save the building, even it means rebuilding from scratch.

I say good for them, though the fire took more than glass and cement. It was, itself, and important link in modern architecture in America, something that showed the willingness to innovate our work and living spaces long before we started getting our butts kicked by Abu Dabhi.

Update: Here’s another interesting piece off the West Coast about the meaning an relevance of Modern architecture in today’s society, now that alot of it is entering the vaible for historic preservation phase. Nice and thoughtful.

It’s from the News Tribune out of Washington State and is worth a read.