New Multi-Dealer Website Featuring Vintage Advertising, Toys & Country Store Items

Collectors of Advertising, Toys and Country Store are finding it increasingly difficult to find items for sale in antique shops and malls. A new Web site, icollect247, will be up and running in December 2007 for those who want to sit at home and find quality vintage items from quality dealers.

icollect247logo.jpgDealers will be attracted by the low listing fees and no time restrictions as to the length of time the item can stay on the site. Getting started as a dealer on the site is simple. A registration form is filled out and five items listed for sale. After approval by icollect247, you may list anytime you wish 24/7.

After a sale is made the dealer packs their item and deals directly with the buyer as to payment. Dealers will also have access to other important information on shows, auctions and other marketing supplies.

Shoppers will be attracted by the wide variety of VINTAGE items, at least 20 years old. They will not waste their time going through pages of new, reproduction or fantasy items. These things will not be allowed and only
Guaranteed Vintage items will be allowed. So, in only 10 to 15 minutes the site can be visited on a daily basis…just time for a cup of coffee.

They will find reputable dealers who know what they are selling and guarantee their items. The dealers who will be selling on the site are
looking to build an internet customer base and will be in it for the long term. Shoppers can visit daily and do not have to register until they find an item they want to buy.

Dealers who have had their own website, have found it increasingly expensive to upgrade the sites, as well as submit to the search engines.
icollect247 will be doing extensive advertising and promotion to bring shoppers to the site. This type of speciality website will also encourage new collectors who want to feel comfortable buying from dealers who have been in the collecting field for several years. Items priced from $5 to $5,000 will be listed daily.

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