New online marketplace launched for antiques and art

Michael Vincent created in 2008; it took  a year of planning, designing, refining and adding new ideas before the Web site was ready for promotion. The idea for this one-of-a-kind Web site that put dealers and artists first was born out of necessity. Vincent felt that a new online marketing strategy was the only way that many of today’s merchants and artists would be able to survive and flourish.

“There were already numerous auction sites, eBay stores and individual Web sites,” he said. “Maybe too many in that there is a sea of Web sites out there all competing with one another for sales.” Vincent decided to build a Web site for  dealers and artists.

Vincent and his wife, Brenda, have been in the antique business for 25 years. The first five years were more hobby – or avocation – because of their love of antiques, art, jewelry and pottery. More than 20 years passed, with more and more commitment to the hobby, until Vincent’s semi-retirement from the corporate world allowed him and his wife to become involved full time.

The couple owned and operated 7,500-square-foot antique mall that housed more than 40 dealers in Grants Pass, Ore. They were active in both the Southern Oregon Antiques & Collectibles Association and the Grants Pass Towne Center Association. They are now promoting their Web site full time.

Vincent said, “Our upbringing and past relationships made us realize the importance of “giving back” and thus, our State Reward Program is a big part of our company’s philosophy. When you give often times the “giver” gets more in return than the “receiver” in terms of emotional and spiritual satisfaction. And it makes good business sense as well.”

Vincent’s background experience with several large corporations consisted of marketing, sales and communications and provided him with extensive training and workshops that centered on always finding new marketing strategies to compete in an ever changing world.

“We live in challenging times and our marketing world has expanded on one hand and shrunken on the other, Vincent said. “We compete with more and more Internet users every day, all of them vying for the same customers dollars. One can choose to go it alone or join a network of other dealers and artists that are dedicated to helping one another as they help themselves. is that network.” 

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