Event Group to Promote new Madison Bouckville Show

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Tom Tarry, president of The Results Group, and his staff have successfully managed golfing events, brewfests and recreation shows. Here he talks with Antique Trader on why he wants to see the cornerstone Madison-Bouckville antiques show survive another 40 years, and why now is the right time to get involved in antiques. The official announcement was covered Nov. 18 on the AntiqueTrader Blog.

Q&A with Tom Tarry

Antique Trader: Your firm has launched and sustained consumer events for general audiences, what about the situation with the former Madison-Bouckville show told you now is the right time to get involved in antiques shows?
Tom Tarry:  We are involved in shows across many different categories, but two things remain the same:  exhibitors want quality traffic at affordable prices and attendees (we call them guests) want high quality merchandise and a special experience.  We are sure that we are going to offer both the exhibitor and the guest a unique experience at our show.  
Exhibitors will see and be a part of the most unique exhibitor treatment they have ever experienced. The same goes for our guests. They will experience an antique show set to a higher experience standard.
Antique Trader: What are your impressions of the Madison Bouckville Antiques Dealers Association?
Tom Tarry:  I am very excited about this turn of events. By working together we can accomplish more than we can individually.  We expect to be a major contributor to this group.
Antique Trader: What are some of the unique innovations you intend to bring to the new show?
Tom Tarry:  I can’t tell you a lot about this yet but I’ll give you one example of two innovations we will provide: exhibitors will have an exclusive rest area featuring luxury port-a-johns and wash stations. We have a lot more in store for both exhibitors and guests. Our guests are going to be able to choose from a variety of experiences before they arrive. 
They will be able to build their own experiences from the comfort of their home or office if they so desire. There will be new things for the local foot traffic as well.  Stay tuned.
Antique Trader: Are you partnering or working with the promoters of the other shows along Route 6?
Tom Tarry: We are working with the Madison Bouckville Antique Dealers Association, a new group formed to work with everyone. 
Antique Trader: What name have you selected for the new event?
Tom Tarry: We just registered it with New York State and will release it shortly. 
Antique Trader: What type of dealers are you searching for to fill your show? How will you attract a buying crowd, the most elusive facet of a successful antiques show?
Tom Tarry:  We will have a person on staff whose sole responsibility is to attract new, quality dealers to our show. We will reach out nationwide in our search. In order to draw a qualified guest we will incorporate experiences that the more qualified guests expect when they attend events and functions. Many of our guests will come from out of state. Where they live, how they live a certain way, drive a certain car, go out to certain restaurants, go to certain cultural events. Their level of expectation and experience is higher than that of some of us. We will deliver that first class experience they expect and like. We will have a lot more to say about that soon. 

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