No go for Guernsey’s for Jack Ruby’s pistol in Vegas

I wrote about this a few weeks ago, as a native of Dallas, about my mixed feelings about Ruby’s gun going on the block as part of a truly superb Pop Culture antiques auction last weekend.

At the sale, as reported here at the Dallas Morning News – only appropriate, don’t you think? – the sale featured a mess of great stuff that sold for big bucks, any of which I would have loved to have myself, especially the suit that John Lennon wore on the cover of Abbey Road (the greatest album from the greatest rock band ever, n’est pas?) or Sally Field’s habit from the Flying Nun (not really…).

Ruby’s gun, however… I just don’t know. The Kennedy assasination is still raw in this country, especially in Dallas, and I can’t say I’m sorry it didn’t sell for big bucks. The guy who owned it, who paid more than $200,000 for it, would accept no less than $1M for it. He came close, with the highest bid reaching $900,000, but he wouldn’t part with it for less than the big $1M. Oh well.

It will be sold, I reckon, to a private bidder, outside of the sale, and we’ll see it again someday soon. I wonder what the folks in Big D think about – I mean really think about it.

Any Texans out there want to sound off? Anyone? Anyone?