Nostalgia is a powerful force.

Nostalgia is a powerful force.

at0602cover.jpgIf you read both Melody Amsel-Arieli’s cover story on Judaica and the fascinating story behind former Illinois Gov. Jim Thompson’s recent duck decoy acquisition, you may see a common theme between two very different collecting areas.

The reasons people collect things have long fascinated me. It’s not so much what they collect, but why. For Amsel-Arieli, the collecting area of Judaica is deeply personal and reflects her family’s struggle and near extinction in the 20th century. For Thompson, his pursuit of Illinois-carved duck decoys reflects his admiration and respect of the state he served while in public office.

This is why we should never dismiss the reasons why someone collects. Thompson’s nostalgia for Illinois moved him to push the sales price of the Robert Elliston-carved decoy past its $12,000 to $15,000 estimate to its $40,250 sale price.

For true collectors, the object is a small part of the pursuit and joy. In most cases, it’s what the object represents that makes all the difference.  
Happy Anniversary

This issue marks my one-year anniversary as your editor of Antique Trader. It has been a wonderful year and a fulfilling experience to talk with readers, work with talented writers and develop interesting projects and features on our website and in print.

Working with Online Editor Karen Knapstein, sales reps Ryan Solberg and Nick Ockwig and designer Wendy Wendt, our goal has been to diversify the magazine and provide information on the greatest variety of antiques and collectibles available. During the past year our team has completely changed the format, more than doubled the size of the magazine and has served more than 563,000 readers and more than 1 million page views on

The year to come will feature even more features, projects and plans. Thank you for making this year exciting and thank you for supporting our advertisers who support this magazine. 

For me, each issue has been a collector’s edition.

— Eric Bradley


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