Oh man, if I could get this mastadon and that triceratops… No one would mess with me!

The untold 10s of you – 10s, I say – that read this blog regualrly, might remember earlier this week when I posted about competing antiques auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s between a letter from Abe Lincoln and Triceratops.

Like the child of the 1970s that I am, raised on countless episodes of Land of the Lost – remember the slestaks, anyone? – I shamefully chose the triceratops over Honest Abe’s historical letter. I’m still carrying the shame with me, oh yes, but check this out:

A family in the san Francisco area is selling the fossil of a complete Mastadon, found on their property, on eBay(!) for a starting bid of $115,000. This is a rather humorous article from the SF Chronicle on it; an entertaining read for a few minute distraction.

I have to agree with the writer’s point: You can get mastadon bones on eBay for anywhere from .99 cents to $10, which is probably enough to satisfy the type of person looking for mastadon bones on eBay.

Still, if I could afford it, I’d do it in a second, and along with my triceratops, I’d rule the playground!