Open salt collectors announce 2009 national convention

The Open Salt Collectors (OSC) are pleased to announce their 11th National Convention of Open Salt Collectors in the San Francisco, Calif., area on June 11-14, 2009.

Highlights of the convention include the buy and sell sessions, beautiful displays, door prizes, and wonderful presentations including a keynote address on Russian Open Salts by John Atzbach and a talk on French Soft-paste Porcelain by Tom Rogers, Curator of Filoli. Small workshops will explore various aspects of open salts including types and styles and history. Also included is a tour of Filoli, a beautiful early 20th century estate with magnificent gardens and 17th and 18th century antiques.

Attendance requires advance registration. For more information about the convention, visit or e-mail For more information about all the open salt clubs or about collecting open salts (also called salt dips or salt cellars), please visit the Web site of the national organization at

This is the open salt/salt cellar extravaganza—you won’t want to miss a second!