Perfume Bottle Collectors offer free magazine

To launch their Fall membership campaign, the International Perfume Bottle Association (IPBA) will send a free back issue of its full-color magazine, Perfume Bottle Quarterly, to anyone who asks.

Says Vice President, Joyce Geeser, “There’s really no better promotion of what IPBA is all about than the Perfume Bottle Quarterly. Our members rave about its quality and content and I’ve included here a few unsolicited comments from some of them: ‘I love the magazine and enjoy the variety of stories presented’–Marci from Connecticut; ‘Although my main interest is powder compacts, I just love to receive the Perfume newsletter (magazine). It is the very finest (magazine) I have ever seen’– Carol from Wisconsin; ‘I have been a member for 20 years and I believe the newsletter booklet has improved yearly and is the best of any (club) we have belonged to’–Judy from Minnesota; ‘(Even though) I sold all of my perfume bottles when I moved into an assisted living place five years ago, I still enjoy my magazine’-Janaan from Florida; ‘I love perfume bottles and love the magazine’-Anne from Indiana.”

PerfumeBottleQuarterlysummer10.jpgNotes Geeser, “Perfume Bottle Quarterly is a beautifully designed publication, contains interesting, well-written articles, and has lots of photos of vintage perfume bottles and other vanity items such as purses, compacts and lipsticks. Our writers generously share newly found historical information and collecting tips. Some writers tell about their personal collections sharing photos and what they’ve learned about their bottles while others regale us with perfume bottle collecting stories that delight us and sometimes make us laugh as we recall our own collecting-anecdotes.”

To receive a free back issue of Perfume Bottle Quarterly call Joyce: 815-398-8155 or email This IPBA Fall membership promotion and free magazine offer ends November 30, 2010.

The International Perfume Bottle Association is a not-for-profit organization and the largest worldwide association of individuals collecting and dealing in perfume bottles and vanity items. For membership information visit or call Susan at 732-492-2003.


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