Postcard reaches sender’s grandson after 95 years

A fascinating postcard story is making news worldwide this week. Consider this a different twist on the often-reported “the-post-office-finally-delivers” type story.

The AP reports a postcard sent home by a Bosnian soldier in World War I finally reached his family after 95 years, thanks to an American collector, who bought it for $50 at a show in Long Beach, Calif.  The postcard collector, Nihad Eric Dzinovic, said it was just another day searching for another item for his estimated 200,000-piece collection.

Come to find out, Dzinovic accidentally met a man named Nadir Bicakcic in an antique shop in downtown Sarajevo during a recent visit.  His name rang a bell. The next day he found the card and Bicakcic.  When Bicakcic looked at the front of the card, he froze.

The card showed a group of soldiers and one, third from the right, had a mustache and familiar eyes. It was his grandfather who, after returning from World War I, became mayor of Sarajevo.

Bicakcic intends to enlarge
both sides and hang the copies on his wall. The original will be
locked in his safe.

The full story will be in a future issue of Antique Trader.

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-posted by Eric Bradley


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