Question of the Week

A comment from an article in our new regional section struck me this week. It was originally printed in an article from The Press Tribune:

“The resources have already been used to make (antique pieces),” said Deborah Candlish customer service representative at Roseville’s (Calif.) Antique Trove. “So you’re really being ‘green’ and saving resources when you shop antiques.”

According to a Carbon Footprint Analysis by Carbon Footprint Ltd. it takes 1,000 times more Carbon Dioxide to manufacture a new piece of furniture as opposed to reusing an older piece.

“Why would I buy something new when I can get the same look and reduce my impact,” said shopper Mindy Kruse of Lincoln, Calif.

Candlish’s observation inspired this issue’s Question of the Week:

What do you think our trade can do to better promote antiques to younger collectors seeking ways to reduce, reuse and recycle?

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-posted by Eric Bradley