Rago invests in digital options

Rago introduces NXTBook software, innovative auction catalog technology

LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. — Rago Arts and Auction Center has incorporated a new digital feature to its auction catalogs known as NXTBook. With this technology, catalog pages may be “turned,” and the reader can add notes and bookmark the pages.

The benefits of NXTBook go beyond that of printed catalogs, said Rago’s Miriam Tucker. It enables the user to zoom in on lots and magnify the details, create a list of lots that are of interest, forward the catalog to a friend, and print bookmarked pages or an entire catalog.

With the inclusion of flash animation, a prospective bidder even can rotate an object 360 degrees. Absentee bid forms or requests for condition reports can be filled in online and e-mailed to Rago’s with a click of the mouse.

“NXTBook is easy to read, to access, to use, to enjoy,” said Tucker. “It allows us to provide our complete catalog to anyone with interest in the sale. That’s not just great for buyers; it’s a huge advantage for our client consignors. We are thrilled with the response.”

The user does not require special software to take advantage of NXTBook’s features, and the software does not use up any hard drive space or memory because it doesn’t download into one’s computer unless that option is specifically exercised.

To view the current Rago Arts and Auction Center catalog in NXTbook format, log on to http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/rago/catalog/index.php.