Recent graduate pays her student loan with $6,000 antique shaving mug

Her three year career selling on eBay just hit a jackpot for emerging antiques dealer Cynthia Kelly of Seattle. She recently sold an antique occupational shaving mug on eBay for almost $6,000.

shavingmugdetail2.jpgThat’s an astounding price for an independent dealer considering some of the recent auctions held for occupational shaving mugs. The mug (which you can see here for a limited time) was purchased by another antiques dealer/collector in Pennsylvania, who boasts a collection of more than 200 mugs.??

The shaving mug is rare in that it features a stock broker or commodities trader, busily jotting down sale prices on grain, wheat, flour and corn. We touched on these fascinating collectibles in a previous post.

This is Kelly’s biggest sale so far with the online auction site. She writes: “It was also a huge surprise for me! ??I invested $22.50 in the mug at an estate auction and had only expected it to bring $100-$200.?? When someone offered me $750 to “Buy it Now” during the course of the auction, I knew I had something good.

Cynthia_Kelly.jpg“I turned down the offer and kept the auction running.??When I saw the final end price of $5,998, I was in shock for about 15 minutes straight.?? The money went to pay off the rest of my student loans (I’m a young antique dealer at only 23), so the money came at a great time.?”

You can see all of Kelly’s auctions through her eBay store here. This self proclaimed “thrift-store junkee” also promotes a blog about her adventures (and her dog Sammy) at The Cynch.

-posted by Eric Bradley


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