Recycled antiques up to PAR

Now here’s a new product that’s right up my alley … or should I say fairway?

spoonstoppers.jpgI saw a news item today that NeverUnder, LLC, is launching the “SpoonStopper” Bottle Stoppers collection using, of all things, recycled antique golf drivers. How cool is that?

Inspired by his friend Bernard Pasquier (a locally known antique collector), Fred Camboulives, owner of NeverUnder, LLC, realized the potential for a new “green” product to add to an ever growing line of wine accessories.

Since each SpoonStopper is an original, some still show the scars of countless games. Most of the old drivers are 40 to 70 years old.

What a great way to recycle AND show the world those banged up antiques (or vintages “toys” in this case) can still be useful and beautiful. Click here to read the press release.