Restor-A-Finish relaunched for 40th anniversary

PASO ROBLES, Calif. – After 40 years, Howard Products, Inc., has re-launched the furniture care product that revolutionized the industry: Restor-A-Finish.

Antique dealers and do-it-yourselfers need not worry – the Howard family’s secret recipe for their world renown Restor-A-Finish remains the same. Only one thing has changed: the packaging.

Restor-A-Finish started as an idea in the early 1960s and was first introduced in a glass bottle with a paper label. It soon developed into the familiar cream-colored can with a farm boy pointing to the words “Restore It – Don’t Strip It!”

In 1996, the boy received a facelift and some color was added to his image. Now, 40 years after its debut, Howard Products is re-launching Restor-A-Finish.

Still in a metal can, but now with an easier opening screw top and bright bold new design, the product is be attractive to consumers wanting to restore their family heirlooms. The new design also now emphasizes Restor-A-Finish’s ability to restore wooden furniture in one easy step.

Restor-A-Finish has been a longtime staple in the antiques industry, and with help from the Internet, blogs, and several features on The Today Show, it has become more of a household name. While others may have tried to come up with a similar formula, Restor-A-Finish has yet to be duplicated.

Falling somewhere between a refinisher and a scratch cover, Restor-A-Finish is truly a unique product. The newly designed package will be available in the 16 oz. (1 pint) size, in 8 common wood colors.

Howard products are available nationally at antique stores, hardware stores and home improvement centers. For more information visit or call 800-266-9545.


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