Sale from art to raise emergency funds for China’s earthquake recovery

Chinese artist He Hong Wei has offered for sale 5 paintings from his prized series Hometown, made at the time of the Asian SARS epidemic. This is solely to raise much needed emergency funds and 100 percent of sales will be donated. In a desperate bid to his UK based dealer, Peter Quintana of Oc-Eo, He Hong Wei requested his help in selling part of the series which was originally offered on loan only for Oc-ec’s forthcoming exhibition. However, the exhibition is not until July and emergeny funds are need much sooner.

These painting are solely to raise funds and 100 percent of the sale will go directly to the Chinese appeal. Although they document a different tragedy, they are highly emotional and appropriate statement at this time too.

He Hong Wei has won accolades for them in Beijing, and was not intending to sell them as they have such personal significance to him. He is one of China’s new contemporary artists and paints with exuberance and passion; rich in colour and firm lines coverage, blend and flow, coming together in a pattern of life that is entirely his own.

For further information email Peter Quintana direct on mail to: or visit to see more of the collection.