Schreckengost plate sells for record price

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Danse Moderne Plate designed by Viktor Schreckengost recently sold at auction for a record-setting price of $55,000 – far exceeding the previous public auction price of $7,000 sold at Sotheby’s in 2003. The auction was sponsored by Rago Arts and Auction Center, one of the country’s leading auction houses.

“We are pleased to see the interest in Dad’s work continuing to grow. The importance of his work and the immensity of his impact can’t be understood all at once,” said Chip Nowacek, president of the Studios and step-son of the artist. “He was so quiet and unassuming. He wanted his work to speak for itself. Clearly, America is listening – increasingly so.”

Often referred to as America’s da Vinci, Viktor Schreckengost has touched the life of every person in America. From his quiet $250 billion influence on the American economy to his iconic ceramics and watercolors, his influence and impact is just now beginning to be understood. Among hundreds of awards, Schreckengost is the recipient of the National Medal of Arts. The award, granted personally by the President of the United States, is America’s highest award in the Arts.

Charged with the responsibility of carrying on the work of Viktor Schreckengost, the Studios carries out its mission through reproductions, licensing, and new design. The Studios are based in Cleveland, Ohio.