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For more than half a century, Antique Trader magazine has been an
essential tool for thousands of collectors and dealers. Every week, we
receive scores of inquiries from readers, all seeking the same
information: What is it? What is it worth?

The Q&A pages of Antique Trader have become the single most popular section of the magazine, and we take pride in the service we’re able to offer readers.

In the coming weeks, you’ll find a new and improved section called,
“Ask Antique Trader.” This section will feature a fresh panel of
experts who’ll offer answers to reader questions. At regular intervals,
we’ll be asking for your help, too, as we present “mystery” photos of
treasures that have puzzled and intrigued their owners.

We’re excited about the new voices that will be a part of the Antique Trader community, and we know that this renewed dedication to our Q&A pages will keep you entertained, informed and amazed.

We at Antique Trader are grateful for the many
contributions of our longtime antiques guru, Kyle Husfloen. For more
than three decades, he patiently guided readers to answers about
hundreds of collecting areas. Kyle has moved on to other pursuits, and
we thank him for his dedication.

“Ask Antique Trader” submission guidelines

You can send your questions to “Ask Antique Trader” either by e-mail
with attached digital images (preferred) or by regular mail with color
prints (photos cannot be returned). In either case, be as detailed as
possible regarding condition, dimensions and markings. As always, we’ll
select the best examples to feature in our pages.

We love hearing from readers, so let us know what you like about Antique Trader and how we can improve the magazine. We cannot provide valuations of antiques and collectibles over the phone.

Eric Bradley answers this week’s questions. See page 18. (click here to view)

Ask Antique Trader
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Iola, WI 54990-0001

Digital image guidelines
Format: Save as jpeg or tiff
Resolution: 200 dpi or higher
Size: Original image must be a minimum of 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep

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