So if you don’t find a deal at the antique mall …

… do you ask for your own?

With 72,000 square feet and 600 booths and lighted cases, the Exit 76 Antique Mall of Edinburgh, Ind., is one of the largest in the Midwest. With plenty to offer antique shoppers.

The trend, according to an article in the Indianapolis Business Journal, is that more shoppers are asking mall personnel to call up antiques vendors and ask for a better price on items they’re interested in. And shoppers are usually getting a discount of about 10 percent.

Another trend: they’ve seen an “increase in traffic from adults ages 23 to 35” … those who are furnishing houses and apartments for the first time.

Most of the antique malls that I’ve been to have a 10 percent cash or check discount on items over 20 percent, unless the item is marked “firm” … but each mall is different, of course.

I can appreciate both sides of the transaction: buyers want their dollars to stretch as far as possible, and sellers need to turn a decent profit to stay in business.

What do you think?

Do you find yourself asking for more discounts than you used to?

If you work in a shop or mall, have you noticed an uptick in patrons asking for a “better price”?

— Eric Bradley


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