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It’s been a month since we launched our new regional focus. In every issue we reserve up to eight pages to provide you a survey of market trends and tips and some of the personalities that make each region unique. We’re pleased with the results and we hope you are too.

The regional section is a great way to show off your shop, show, group mall or online antiques business. If you are willing to snap a few pictures and send them to our offices, we are willing to publish them for our readers.

Likewise, readers may send photos or comments to share the inspiration behind their collections. If you live in Zanesville, Ohio, we want to know why you collect the area’s wonderful pottery. Our readers appreciate learning about every sort of collection or group of inventory no matter how large or eclectic.

Please send your comments or photos to Antique Trader, 700 E State St., Iola, WI 54945 or

Here are some of our past Regional focus features:

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If you have questions about the Regional focus, contact

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