The “Antiques Rogueshow,” starring the Johnson family

handcuffs.jpgIt took a while, but this rogue family in the UK has finally started serving time. For stealing over millions in art and antiques over the last 20 years, the five members of the Johnson crime family will serve a total of almost 50 years.

It doesn’t seem like much time to serve, does it?

Imagine: Staking out a British manor for a week, waiting until the right time, and smashing your 4-wheel-drive into the property and hauling away a take of $A49 million in art, jewelry, and antiques in 10 minutes.

That’s just one of the nefarious family’s misdeeds over the past 20 years, but it was the family’s largest heist.

One article says of the family: Barely able to read, write or even spell their own names, their loves
included dog and game bird breeding, hare-coursing and bare-fist

Crude, but apparently they could spot the good stuff.

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