The Guru and the Auction House

This has been very interesting to watch – somewhat obscure, perhaps, bubt a lot of fun.

Sotheby’s claimed some armor being sold belonged to a very important Sikh guru. Sikhs got angry, and Sotheby’s claims that the armor is not actually the Guru’s, but one of several sets he had made, as he was involved in many wars and military campaigns.

The post linked to above is from a post to out of India.

The whole thing is interesting, as I have always associated Sikhism with dervishes and mysticism, a la the sublime poetry of Rumi (“Dissolver of sugar, dissolve me.”), not necessarily with warring kings. I’d love to see the armor, but no pics have been released. Check it out if this sort of thing interests you, which it does me, which I bet you’ve already figured out.