The U.S. antiques trade needs a national association

About a year ago we made the call for the formation of a nation-wide group to promote and advertise the U.S. antiques trade. Although there appears to be some movement on the East Coast, the effort seems to have lost steam – such as the fate of many such efforts before it.

In this week’s issue, columnist Wayne Jordan defines the need for a strong, national advocacy group to those that represent auctioneers. The National Auctioneers Association advocates for laws, monitors member businesses on the state level and offers training and advice on best practices. The U.S. antiques business is so diverse and so varied that it would be easy to dismiss this notion for shop owners, show circuit dealers and group mall members. A group offering the right mix of products and services would be able to incentivise dealers and collectors to join.

I agree with Wayne’s summation that without a group like this we will be all the more likely to struggle as customers’ changing tastes affect our hobby and businesses.     

So the question now becomes, who among us has the dedication to form a group? That’s the real question we have to answer for ourselves.

The column has sparked a fast response from the trade. Send your comments here.

Eric Bradley, Editor

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