Atlantique City Appraisals: The potential for a very special, very early flag

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Upwards of 200 people lined up to hear verbal opinions of value on their treasures at the Atlantique City appraisal event, keeping the show’s eight appraisers busy from the noon opening until the 4 p.m. closing on both days.

Husfloen AT 4-16.jpg
Expert appraiser and author of the Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, Kyle Husfloen appraises some fine cut crystal during the Atlantique City Antique Show appraisal event, sponsored by Alan “Mr. Mint” Rosen. Emcee Noah Fleisher looks on.

Sponsored by Alan “Mr. Mint” Rosen, the appraisal fair is always a highlight of the show, with crowds packing the seats and lining the rails to hear what the experts had to say about treasures that people brought from home.

Roberts AT 4-16.jpg
Linda Roberts, certified appraiser and owner of White Orchid Antiques, looks at a possibly valuable Western sculpture during the Antique Trader Appraisal Fair.

The Saturday highlight was most certainly a vintage Judy Garland dress, straight off the MGM lot, which made its way to a costume shop in Milwaukee, Wis. Appraiser Linda Roberts, of White Orchid Antiques, suggested that, with a little preservation and some authentication, the dress could fetch tens of thousands at auction, especially with the right crowd.

The Sunday highlight came late in the day, as the crowd had dwindled to just a few, when Kyle Husfloen saw a very special early American 13-star flag brought to him by Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Maloney, of Washington Flag 1 AT 4-16.jpgCrossing, Pa. With what appeared to be very good provenance, and a date on the back of 1784, the flag caused quite a stir among those who were watching. If it checks out, and once it’s preserved and officially appraised, a flag of this rarity and quality could easily command half a million dollars at auction.

(Below right) This early 13-star American flag, with seemingly good provenance, was submitted at the end of the appraisal event on Sunday, March 29. Flag 2 AT 4-16.jpgBoth expert appraiser Kyle Husfloen and Antique Trader editor Noah Fleisher (above left) were impressed with the piece, which — if all checks out with it — could be of significant monetary and historic value.

Whether or not this will ultimately be the case remains to be seen, as much work has to be done on the flag to establish its authenticity. Antique Trader, however, will remain on top of the story and provide updates as they come along.