This is the only coverage of William & Kate collectibles we will publish – promise!

Tacky imitation engagement ring?

Shoddily made porcelain teacup?

Magnets? Key Rings? Plate?
Check, check and blech!

The deluge of memorabilia surrounding the wedding of William and Kate is selling out faster than a case of Zippos at a pyromaniac convention. Articles quoting retailers simply gushing on how much William and Kate stuff is flying of shelves this week is truly exasperating.

If you’re thinking of buying some items with any intention other than commemorating the pair’s special day, let me save you the trouble … and $19.90 (plus $6.99 S&H).

Every flea market, downgraded collectibles shop and yard sale is still trying to unload the stuff purchased in 1947 when Prince William’s grandmother got hitched. The same is true when his parents got hitched and the same will be true for the stuff produced when he got hitched.

This is not new advice to the antiques collectors and dealers who are watching thousands of people spend millions of dollars/euros/pounds on such trinkets. Nevertheless, in the spirit of wishing a young couple good luck and to commemorate the House of Windsor, Antique Trader columnist Barbara Andrews offers us a recap of the plethora of postcards produced during the last 100 years of the British monarchy.

Our tip: Print the article and tuck it inside a dresser drawer. You can say you celebrated the wedding and, best of all, 20 years from now it will be worth as much as the latest commemorative keychain.

Postcard Album: A look back at Royals on postcards as William & Kate make history

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