Time running out for free listing in Industry Directory

If you haven’t done so already you owe it to your business to submit a free listing in the 2009 Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Industry Directory.

Inside we list contact information for hundreds of auction houses, show promoters, shops and malls to create a free and trusted reference guide for you and thousands of other collectors and trades people. Did I mention a listing was free? Click here to download the form.

Need a few more reasons to submit a free listing?

  • Every subscriber gets one. The directory is going to be packaged with the next copy of Antique Trader!
  • Be seen with the best. Hundreds of companies are participating
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  • It only takes a minute. Fax the form to our offices.
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Inside its pages, the Company Guide contains information on hundreds of businesses involved in the antiques trade. The Product Guide sorts businesses across several categories business owners said best described their merchandise or service.

Because the antiques trade is so diverse, feel free to suggest more product categories or your favorite auction house, shop or event for the next edition.