Upper Midwest antiques malls hit by roving gang of thieves

I’d love to get my hands on these punks that have been hitting several antiques malls  – cleaning them out of thousands of dollars of merch – in the Upper Midwest, mainly Illinois and Wisconsin, as reported here by Maine Antiques Digest.

The story contains a link to the Roscoe Antiques Mall, a huge with good quality dealers and owners, where they’ve posted video of the thieves. It’s pretty brazen, and definitely calculated. There’s tremendous value to be had, and as far as priority, it’s not exactly high on the lost of most law enforcement agencies.

The owners at Roscoe took it upon themselves to alert mall owners in the area and were alarmed to learn how many others have been hit and robbed.

It makes me sick, to tell you the truth.

Be on the lookout for a trio of folks with large amounts of antiques to sell, or people who are scoping malls in the area. They knew what they wanted and knew where they were going. I hope mall owners invest in German Sheppards, or Pit Bulls, with loud barks and mean bites to dissuade the jerks poor misguided souls about their current foibles.