Valuable marketing tool for dealers: hold a show before the auction

This struck me as an innovative way to generate valuable pre-auction publicity, help educate the public and be a good citizen all at the same time.

Poster Auctions International and Long Island’s Cradle of Aviation Museum are teaming up to launch an exhibition of rare, early aviation posters. The exhibition, held on location at the museum opens tomorrow and runs through Oct. 18. The exhibition includes posters from private collections located around the world as well as the museum’s permanent collection

Once the exhibit wraps up, the posters (not those from the museum’s permanent collection) will be returned to Poster Auctions International in time for its bi-annual auction of rare, vintage posters on Sunday, Nov. 8.

What an interesting opportunity for both experienced and novice collectors visit a new museum to see a rare collection in one place at the same time. And what a savvy method to whet the appetite of poster dealers and collectors.