Victorian spooners on display at Texas A&M

BRYAN, Texas –A new exhibit, “Victorian Era Spooners from the Peggy Wilkinson Collection,” will run from Sept. 24-Nov. 6 at the MSC Forsyth Center Galleries.

An important part of the Victorian table, spooners – or spoonholders – served a symbolic function for 19th century society. By prominently displaying her spoons, the lady of the Victorian-era house offered not only hospitality, but was also displaying a status symbol. Victorian Era Spooners features more than 250 important pattern-glass spoonholders from the Peggy Wilkinson collection.

Wilkinson, a San Antonio resident, has been collecting spooners for more than 20 years. She has more than 650 of the approximately 1,000 patterns produced and has traveled cross-country specifically to shop for spooners.

“I love [spooners] because they are beautiful and there is so much history to them,” she said. “I like to speculate about the particular family that owned an object, and wonder to myself, ‘who used this?’”

Victorian Era Spooners was co-curated by Forsyth Director Nan Curtis, and TAMU Archaeology PhD student Masahiro Kamiya.

The exhibition has a full-color catalog. For more information call 979-845-9251, email or visit ?


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