Vintage jewelry column scheduled for Antique Trader

We’re making good headway with the Antique Trader redesign. You’ll see these changes in the April 21 (cover date) issue. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, Facebook and in Antique Trader magazine itself, you know that that includes much more than just revamping the look of Antique Trader. We’re revving up the content as well.

I think one of the most exciting changes is the new columnists … one of whom is Kathy Flood, owner of several online jewelry shops and author of Warman’s® Costume Jewelry Figurals and the most recent edition of Warman’s® Jewelry, due out in July, among other titles. She will share her passion of antique and vintage jewelry with Antique Trader readers on a regular basis, as well as clue us in on the future of the markets.

In the past, when we’ve run jewelry features in the pages of Antique Trader, they’ve been very well received, telling us that there is a lot of interest out there for the vintage jewelry field.

After all, who doesn’t walk a show floor and stop — arrested, if you will — by the sight of sparkling jewelry displays. You may not collect it, but you have to admit that antique jewelry is a sight to behold!

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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