VIva The Dallas Market Center!

In my travels across the Web, a story brought me to the Web site of the Dallas Market Center.


That triple-tiered building, that gigantic atrium with the glass elevators, the vast halls with brown carpets, massive showrooms and juat about anything of any kind could ever want. I practically grew up in the place. My folks had a showroom on the 11th floor, called The Fleishers, Inc., when it was still called the Dallas World Trade Center and didn’t have the massive market hall that it has today across the street, where what used the be the Anatole Hotel and, I think, The Wyndham. I don’t know if it still exists.

My parents were dealers in fine art and furniture, which where – I’m sure – the seed of antiques was planted. Man, there was a lot of trouble for a kid to get into, unsupervised, in a building of that size. I’m pretty sure my brothers and I were roundly feared. I do recall being somehwere around four or five years old and wading, in my blue jeans, into a goldfish pond in the lobby of the old Trade Mart building, with my brothers watching, ostensibly – I reasoned – to catch a “flying fish.” That, however, was the only the begining… We roamed those halls for at least 10 more years…

It’s good to know, somehow, that it’s still there.