Welcome to your new Antique Trader

Welcome to the new Antique Trader.

AT_4_21_10cover-large.jpgI hope we’ve prepared you for the new magazine format.
A change this important is never easy but it is an important one for
us, and, we think, for you. We have spearheaded this new era of Antique
Trader with you and your needs and wants in mind.

The new size is evident — a svelte, new version of the tabloid that has
been Antique Trader’s format for the last 10-odd years. In this week’s
issue, we introduce you to a few new features that we hope you’ll like.

In response to calls for more pictures and prices, you’ll find a
feature we call Top Lot. It’s a photo from a recent auction or online
sale that touts a stunning antique or a record price. However, this
isn’t a feature only reserved for auction houses. Show circuit dealers,
group malls or shop owners are welcomed to submit a photo of a recent
sale and its price to us for publication. This is a chance for
hardworking dealers to pat themselves on the back and show that buyers
are still buying and sellers are still selling.

All submissions should
be sent to Top Lot c/o Antique Trader, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54945
or sent to eric.bradley@fwmedia.com. This week’s Top Lot is a $6,000 shaving mug sold by a budding new dealer in Seattle. You can read more HERE.

We have featured a number of guest columnists in the last year, but
none have been more outrageous and downright funny than this week’s
column by The Antique Crank. A longtime dealer, The Antique Crank has
been “telling it like it is” on behalf of dealers on Twitter, the hot
online social-networking site. The Antique Crank says things dealers
sometimes wish they could say out loud. His tongue-in-cheek column is HERE.

For those of you who reminded me that many readers are not on Twitter
or Facebook (or even own a computer in general), we have a fascinating
story from auctioneer Wayne Jordan. His article [you can read it HERE] shows
us that, like the owners of The Golden Gallery of Galax, Va., dealers
can live on a different continent and still make a profitable living in
antiques without being “wired.”

Let us know what you think of the new format and styles by sending a letter to the editor to eric.bradley@fwmedia.com.

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