Who can resist a rampaging ape? King Kong poster rages to $345K

Really, aren’t we all suckers for monkeys?

This massive and very cool King King poster recently brought $345,000 at a Profiles in History auction, and it’s a real beauty. At 81-inches x 81-inches, it’s also about the size of the big simian himself.

I love the detail on this poster, and Kong just looks like he’s about ready to rip everyone a new smile. What I don’t like is that they have Fay Wray running in terror with Robert Armstrong and Bruce Cabot. We all know that Kong and Fay shared an unforbidden love that the world wasn’t ready for back then. the studio could have, at least, put a hint of empathy in her eyes as she watched Kong destroy Manhattan. I still say the humans deserved it…

The new owner of the poster isn’t mentioned, but I’d be willing to bet it’s a heavy hitter, if not Steve Geppi himself, who has the greatest collection of rare movie posters in the world at his museum in Camden Yards in downtown Baltimore, MD.