Will future comic books start online and lead to print?

Shawn Williams’ article at CBGxtra.com takes a thought-provoking the-future-is-now look at how the latest indie comic books are being published. By indie, he’s not talking smaller companies such as Dark Horse or Oni Press. He’s CBGlogo.jpgtalking about independent authors and artists striving for a broader audience by publishing their works online before the art ever sees ink.

He cites two new books, Tumor and Ivy, as examples of artists thinking beyond print:

Sarah Oleksyk’s wonderful black and white comic Ivy is about a struggling teenager, is another perfect example.
She self published her comic, displaying the first forty page chapter on saraholeksyk.com
for free. Then she printed mini comics of each of the 5 chapters, sold
them at comic book conventions, and also made them available for
purchase on her site. … Oni will publish the story in a stand alone graphic novel for a 2011 print release.

Read more at CBG’s Comic News and Notes.

-posted by Eric.


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