Word to the wise: Do not hang clothes on your rare, early Picassos

Seems a rare early Picasso – a saucy one of the artist and his then lover in a clinch on the bed – was found in Scotland, propped against a wall, alongside two other valuable works of art. They are all going to be on the block on April 10 at a house called Duke’s.

I don’t know about you, but I only hand fresh, hand-cut roses over the Picasso paintings I have propped against the wall in my two year-old daughter’s room, right next to her crayons and scissors.

“Go ahead, honey, it’s only a Picasso.”

This is possibly from a royal family of some country, and the seller is part of that family. Don’t you have to pass a decency test of some kind to be called royalty? I mean, they all know how to drink with their pinkies up, and spend money like drunken sailors… But this is a Picasso, and one from his early 20s, before he became Picasso with a capital “P.”

Royal families of the world: teach your children to pick up their art when they are done playing.