WorthPoint signs agreement with research and education firm

WorthPoint Corporation announced that it has signed a seven-year partnership agreement with Terapeak, the industry leader in eBay research and education.

Victoria, British Columbia-based Terapeak provides eBay sellers and buyers with two years of trending data to help target the best products to sell, as well as 90 days of item-specific data to guide average expected pricing, sell-through rates, list timing, keyword choice and category selection.

Under the terms of the agreement, AERS will provide WorthPoint with eBay’s entire daily sales of antique and collectible data for inclusion in WorthPoint’s database. In addition, Terapeak will re-sell WorthPoint’s knowledge-based products, which include expertise provided by “Worthologists” (WorthPoint’s art, antiques and collectibles experts), WorthPoint employees and related professionals with more than 2,000 years of combined domain experience that is incorporated into the database.

“We are excited to partner with Terapeak, which boasts the largest customer base for eBay research,” said Will Seippel, CEO of WorthPoint. “WorthPoint’s database already houses 30 million items, and has data from more than 500 auction houses and millions of products sold for retail. eBay data will now complement this database, so that consumers, collectors, dealers and others will be able to accurately assess the value of most any item.”

“Our partnership with AERS and Terapeak will make WorthPoint the world’s most comprehensive source of information on art, antiques and collectibles,” Seippel said. “We will be adding more than one billion items to our database over the course of this agreement and will make information accessible in an easy-to-use format so that people can learn more about the value of their collectibles. In these difficult economic times, people need help finding additional sources of income, and WorthPoint is the resource to help them do that.”

Commenting on the partnership, Fred Speckeen, CEO of AERS, said: “Terapeak and WorthPoint aim to develop the ultimate resource for collectors and sellers. Comprehensive new products will be created with the vision of serving the breadth of the market, from small collectibles to high-end works of art. We are excited to work with the experts at WorthPoint to offer services that answer the questions most collectibles enthusiasts and sellers ask: ‘What is this worth? Where can I buy or sell this? Which of these items are valuable?’ The combination of education, market research data and analytics will provide pinpoint responses to these concerns and more.”

About WorthPoint

Atlanta-based WorthPoint Corporation (www.worthpoint.com) is an Internet-based data-and-media company that offers a vast database of sales records on art, antiques and collectibles. Founded in 2007, WorthPoint has quickly become the world’s largest social network for researching the worth of antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint helps collectors understand the worth of their items and provides expert advice from its international team of Worthologists on how to preserve or sell antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint recently acquired Dublin, Ohio- based GoAntiques, the oldest antiques-and-collectibles site on the Web.

About AERS / Terapeak

Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems Inc. (AERS) (www.researchadvanced.com) is a fast-growing, privately-held e-commerce data and analytics company. The company has two strategic business units, Terapeak (www.terapeak.com) and ResearchAdvanced, which deliver data and analytics based on huge transactional data sets, including eBay. Today, AERS is eBay’s only market data reseller, and has established itself as the pre-eminent provider of the most up-to-date, thorough, and relevant online marketplace statistical reporting available. Currently, AERS websites receive more than one million page views per month. For more information: www.terapeak.com.

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