Your guide to all next gen antiques-themed TV shows

The following two items complimented a longer article in the Dec. 22 edition on SPIKE-TV’s new hit show Auction Hunters.
Billed as the West coast’s answer to American Pickers, Auction Hunters
follows the exploits of California’s Allen Haff and Ton Jones as they
hunt for antiques and collectibles in abandoned storage lockers.

The Next Generation of Antiques-Themed Shows

PAWN STARS, History, Mondays 10p/9c

AMERICAN PICKERS, History, Mondays  9p/8c

AMERICAN RESTORATION, History, 8 new episodes to premier in 2011, Date/Time TDB

AUCTION HUNTERS, Spike-TV, Tuesdays 10p/9c.

HOLLYWOOD TREASURE, Syfy, Wednesdays 10p/9c

STORAGE WARS, A&E, Wednesdays 10p9c

AUCTIONEER$, TLC, Saturdays 10p/9c

AUCTION KINGS, Discovery, Tuesdays 10p/9c.

GREAT AMERICAN AUCTION, In production, Date/Time/Network TBD

ANTIQUE WARRIORS, In production, Date/Time/Network TBD

AMERICAN TREASURES, In production, Date/Time/Network TBD

‘Auction Hunters’ gets second season

NEW YORK – Spike TV announced Dec. 1 it ordered a second season with 20
more episodes of its original series, “Auction Hunters.” This marks the
largest order ever for a second season of a Spike original series.

Premiering on November 9, the weekly series has averaged a robust 1.1
million viewers, increasing in viewership each week (the Nov. 23 episode
drew 1.3 million viewers). The first season consists of eight episodes
with the season finale Dec. 21. No date has been announced for the new

The show stars Allen Haff, a second generation antiques dealer and
collector with over 20 years of experience in the field. By the age of
24, Haff owned his first antique business in Houston, Texas, and was one
of the earliest eBay sellers of vintage collectibles online. He moved
to Los Angeles ten years ago and immediately began hunting in storage
unit auctions, Hollywood thrift stores, estate sales and swap meets and
earned a living buying and selling antiques and collectibles. In 2008,
Haff started Hollywood & Vintage, a high volume liquidation company.

Clinton “Ton” Jones is a self-described hobbyist who has spent years
hunting and fishing, as well as collecting knives, swords, guns, old
currency and jewelry. Jones was introduced to storage unit auctions more
than seven years ago when he was looking for old cars to take into the
desert to wreck for fun, but what he found was a world specifically
tailored to his unique skills. Jones, an imposing figure standing over 6
feet tall, weighing in at 300 pounds, is a renowned auction hunter in
the Southern California area. Jones’ expertise lays in rare coins and
weaponry, such as medieval swords, daggers and armor. ■