Antique Tables

Heirloom Registry Aluminum Plate
with Brass Finish

Knowing Your Business: New service safeguards heirlooms’ lore

We keep baby books to record the highlights and special moments of children, we keep photo albums to preserve those events/people and times we don't want to forget, and some keep journals to preserve the thoughts and memories we experience in our lives. Up and until now there hasn't been anything like The Heirloom...

Hunzinger lollipop rocking chair

How political unrest reinvented America’s antique furniture design

The political unrest in 19th century Germany had a profoundly positive effect on American furniture construction and design for the next 50 years. A large number of German craftspeople made their way to America in the 19th century, but four in particular stand out in the furniture field: John Henry Belter, George Hunzinger and...