Antique scale collectors claim man is the measurer of all things

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The International Society of Antique Scale Collectors represent people interested in studying the principles and antique devices used as measuring scales. In this collecting club profile, you’ll see why its members like to put a different spin on Greek philosopher Protagoras’ claim “Man is the measure of all things” by stating “Man is the measurer of all things.” Read More +

Dealers and collectors bid a soggy farewell to 2011’s Brimfield antiques show season


Weather again menaced Brimfield for this season’s final gathering September 6-11, 2011 with rain Tuesday and a storm Wednesday overnight called the hundred year rainfall by the weather reporters on TV and radio. The rain was so severe it saturated the field at Mays Antiques Market preventing dealers from driving onto the grounds for Thursday’s opening. The show did eventually open Friday with about half the dealers who were still in town ready to show and sell. Read More +