Depression-Era Glass

Royal Bayreuth teapot, Roseville vase collections contain rarities

WICHITA, Kan. – A pair of premier collections – the Steve and Gloria Zak collection and the estate of Louise Hefling – will be sold without reserve (everything goes, regardless of price) at an auction scheduled for Sept. 10-11 in the 4H Hall of the Sedgwick County Extension Center in Wichita.

Why buy a repro when you can get the real thing?

My eyes just about bugged out of my head. Glancing through a mail order catalog recently there they were: More than four pages worth of “vintage charm for your home.” A major national catalog retailer has picked up a line of reproduction “Depression-era glassware” and has it on sale for just a few bucks....

‘Non-stop sales’ at 20-30-40 Glass-O-Rama

CHICAGO – Hundreds of people hurried under their umbrellas to be the first shoppers through the door at the 2010 20-30-40 Glass Society of Illinois’ Glass-O-Rama Show and Sale, March 13-14. Dealers wrapped customers’ purchases non-stop for hours as the “collectors on a mission” busily wrote checks for their newly acquired treasures.