Antique Glass

chamberstick glass

Bidders shatter estimates on colored glass

Recently, Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates brought 1,167 colored glass to auction, drawing much attention and bidder interest, for 19th and 20th century glass, with a deep peacock-blue pressed Eye and Scale pattern hand candlestick/chamber stick, and a pair of deep peacock-green pressed Loop/Leaf stand lamps sharing top lot, commanding $9,775 each.

Jewelry store room

Turning the world onto urban archeology

Stuart Grannen’s love affair with antiques and artifacts began at the age of seven and has evolved into his life’s passion, prompting him to pioneer the “urban archaeology” movement — which is celebrated and displayed daily at Grannen’s business Architectural Artifacts, and will take center stage May 2-4 during the company’s 2nd Annual Auction...


Enjoying ‘the good life’ with depression glass

The world has changed quite a lot since the first pieces of Depression-era glassware appeared on the scene, but the fascination with collecting these pieces remains popular. Antique Trader catches up with Ellen Schroy, author of the new edition of Warman's Depression Glass to talk glass.